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Baby's Grasp

Our team understands that every mother deals with different levels of pain that is unique to her body and her pregnancy. Another core value at Balanced Beginning is to get ahead of the pain. When you're already in pain it is hard to get a handle on things so our team has put together deliverables (see below) for you in pdf & video so that you know exactly what to expect long before anything arises. Our Chicago area doulas are here to help.


Deliverable| Birth Fearlessly is the way to be! 


  • Pain management techniques 

  • How to know you're in labor 

  • What to pack in the hospital bag 

  • My Water broke now what? 

  • Being induced 

  • 2 prenatal calls prior to the birth

  • Doula will start on-call support 24/7 two weeks prior to the due date. 

  • Doula presence at the time of labor & delivery advocating for the safest protocols for Mother & baby

  • Physical & emotional support provided during labor/birth 

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